SSL and Custom Domains for SaaS

Offer branded domains to your customers, all while enjoying the added benefits of a fully managed SSL certificate and keep customer data secure with strong encryption.

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Browser security

“Servr significantly simplifies our flow because it handles the full lifecycle of our customer's SSL certificates. Now we can easily offer a branded experience to our customers with end-to-end HTTPS and keep security and performance as a priority.”

Robin Vander Heyden
CEO, ManyRequests

SSL and Custom Domains made easy

Managed SSL Certificates

We take care of the entire SSL lifecycle. From private key creation and protection through domain validation, issuance and renewal.

Fast and Reliable

Our globally-distributed service routes traffic through your end user's closest location to reduce latency and keep response times fast.

Easy to use

Point domains to our global endpoint by adding a single DNS record and we'll do the heavy lifting for you.

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Common problems for SaaS Providers when supporting Custom Domains:

Unsecure but custom domain

Custom domains without SSL lack the performance benefits of SSL and secure data transfer, making them vulnerable to snooping and content modification or injection.

Secure but unbranded domain

Domains with SSL enabled through a SaaS provider lack a custom domain, resulting in brand degradation and lower SEO rankings.

Secure and custom domain

Providing encrypted and branded domains often means manually managing SSL lifecycles, long deployment times and overhead costs, or building a complex and expensive in-house solution

The advantages of Servr for SSL and Custom Domains

Branded experiences

Offer a branded experience to end customers and improve their SEO performance.

Security and performance

With SSL/TLS certificates, protect your end customers’ domains from on-path attackers and network snooping.

Rapid SSL deployments

Our infrastructure deploys new certificates across its global network and brings HTTPS online within seconds.

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